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Protecting Your Financial Future
Most people spend a lifetime building a secure financial future. But just one lawsuit can change everything. Without adequate personal access liability coverage, your assets are at risk.
Corporate Risk Solutions Personal Insurance specializes in personal excess liability insurance and understands the importance of this coverage in your insurance portfolio. Our specialists carefully consider your potential risks and design comprehensive coverage programs. CRS advisors can provide you with a level of financial protection and personalized service not available from many other brokers.


  • A child trips and falls on a paving stone, suffering a knee injury and chronic pain. His parents sue the homeowner for $1.7 million.
  • An automobile accident results in injuries that render a 30-year old father of four a quadriplegic. The award settlement is $1,680,000.
  • Victims of identity theft spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to clear their names.

Personal excess liability coverage protects individuals from a covered claim brought against them for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage. It is an important layer of protection that prevents an individual from incurring a devastating financial loss in the event of a legal settlement against them

The most common question individuals ask is “how much coverage do I need?” The amount of excess liability coverage you choose should be based upon your potential risks, the legal environment, physical assets and your personal net worth.

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